Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Victory's CORE


Victory Motorcycle's new CORE concept bike, unveiled it at New York City IMS show last week. This concept features in cast aluminum and paired it with a 1,731cc engine in a bike that weighs only 469 pounds. Other features include aluminum alloy frame, carbon fiber fender, 3.2-gallon tank.

According to the Victory press release at the motorcycle usa, the "design team felt the name CORE perfectly reflects the essence of this concept motorcycle. It is, in fact, the raw 'core' or center of a motorcycle. There is no traditional bodywork; the motorcycle is effectively turned inside-out with its architecture completely exposed. It also accentuates the innovative frame design and the process that is used to make the cast aluminum frame: the molten aluminum is poured into a sand core, which is removed when the casting process is complete".

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